Cyber attack readiness assessment


Cyber attack readiness assessment

Age of cyber warfare is dawning. We are increasingly seeing customers attacked not for financial gain but because they are in a specific geography or in an industry.

Some hackers are fighting for a cause. Some are fighting for financial gain. Some are fighting for glory. No mater what is the cause the damaging remain and customers are more exposed than ever, the risks we see today needs an experienced competent team.

Is your organisation immune? How ready are you? Can you recover from an attack? Unlike a vulnerability assessment, which identifies vulnerabilities on a network, or a penetration test (pen test), which is conducted by security specialists employed to simulate an attack and test the network and systems

GRC3D has developed a cyber-security readiness program aimed at ensuring that the technology implementation, organisational governors, staff readiness are in place to mitigate the risk of advanced cyber attacks and have define and documented protocol that enable them to monitor, discover and contain the impact of the attack.

Our cyber attack readiness assessment provides in-depth analysis of the overall readiness state and it goes beyond and over your typical assessment it is multitier, multilevel assessment touching every aspect within the organisation assessed and how it will respond to cyber-warfare and global cyber threats. Our approach includes:

Developing a threat map detailing threat agents, motivations and capabilities;
Mapping critical assets, channels, services and critical components;
Developing threat scenarios modelled on advanced threat vectors;
Using readiness reviews to cover both the theoretical inspection of controls and the simulation of sophisticated attack scenarios, backdoors in developed software, cyber-crime targeted attacks for massive fraud attempts, cyber espionage, and cyber terror attacks used to deliberately damage critical systems and components.