PCI Approach


PCI Approach

GRC3D methodology for PCI engagements is based on fundamental boundaries between systems, data and roles, to measure the success of data integrity and monitor compliancy.

The approach is to divide the environment into well defined objects, each containing relevant information and targeting specific relevant roles within the organisation. This will ensure that the PCI compliance obligation is apportioned to the relevant functional area with associated responsible parties.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provides highly detailed payment card compliance requirements. Our experienced consultants providing number of solutions that’s vary from performing gap assessment which allow the customer to understand the gaps to achieve the requirement and enable them to set the right budget to address the gaps within their environment.

The next service we have is the remediation where we can manage the whole program and drive the activities while working very closely with the customer teams. In a typical remediation there can be number of projects some are delivered by the customers, others by third party and the rest by our specialised team. Our experienced program managers, who have a proven delivery records for such engagements, can successfully manage such programs.