Digital Forensic Services


Digital Forensic Services

GRC3D digital forensic experts leverage their skills, experience and the use of broad array of market-leading solutions to provide the most comprehensive analysis available.

GRC3D team searches and collects for static, motion (network) and volatile data.

Using our methodologies and best practice we smart-target search and collection with the most innovative technologies.

Our team works in a project from end to end from data acquisition, collection, analysis & search, covert operation to interviews; we leverage best of technology to provide not only efficient acquisition and analysis of computers but to correlate computer analysis with network communications data to validate suspected internal wrongdoing, build a more comprehensive case and provide a full 360-degree picture of what happened and who was involved.

  • Intellectual Property Theft Detection and Investigation
  • HR Investigations
  • Civil or Criminal Cases
  • Fraud Detection and Investigation