Network Penetration Testing


Network Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking)

A network penetration test focuses on the internal and/or external infrastructure and associated systems.

The objective is to identify security weaknesses that could be exploited by motivated malicious individuals to gain unauthorised access to systems or data.

A range of security tools both open source and commercial are used in combination with manual inspection to ensure extensive coverage of systems in scope.

GRC3D provides black, white and grey box penetration testing services. GRC3D offer penetration testing, encompassing all areas of testing such as internal and external network testing, application, wireless, VoIP and client side exploitation testing.

We offer testing packages for those wishing to achieve PCI compliance and also regularly design tailored penetration testing to various sectors to meet very specified objectives. The penetration testing services we offer includes:


EXTERNAL NETWORK PENETRATION TESTING: External Network Penetration Testing identifies the flaws and risks exposed through your Internet Gateway, so that an intelligent picture of the protected systems can be determined.

INTERNAL NETWORK PENETRATION TESTING: Internal Network Penetration Testing identifies the flaws and risks exposed when an attacker managed to get through to your environment.

MANAGED VULNERABILITY SCANNING: The GRC3D vulnerability scanning service adopts a blended approach to testing, whereby both automated and, more importantly, manual testing is employed to discover vulnerabilities within your web servers, mail servers, name servers, routers, firewalls and other Internet facing hosts.